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Gaïa Info Plus

Gaïa Info Plus

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Publié le par Gilles Morand


NOTE:  ALL programs should begin with the following three  items:
1)  Shaklee  Vita-Lea   2)  Soy Protein    3)  Optiflora
THEN:   ADD the three items  listed first when dealing with the
         ailments  listed  below.
    1.  WATER: drink adequate  purified water for proper internal fluid
    2.  ALFALFA: aids in  cleansing the blood; mild antibiotic effect
         toward pathogenic  bacteria 
    3.  ZINC: promotes  infection prevention & decreases acne scars  
    4.  HERB-LAX: reduces body  bacterial count 
    5.  LECITHIN: accommodates  better absorption of fatty acids 
    6.  CAROTOMAX: nourishes  epithelial skin tissue to resist
     7.  VITA C: promotes immune  function 
     8.  GARLIC:  anti-bacterial 
     9.  B COMPLEX: improves  blood flow to surface of skin 
    10. GLA: helps repair  damaged cells; keeps skin soft & smooth 
ALLERGIES:  (Purify the air  you breathe AirSource  recommended)
   1.    REMOVE ALL KNOWN FOOD  ALLERGIES (??milk, eggs, wheat, corn,
          sugar, dyes??)
   2.    ALFALFA: natural  anti-inflammatory; natural anti-histamine
   3.    VITAMIN C: reduces  histamine release; anti-inflammatory
   4.    ZINC: a powerful immune  system booster
   5.    DEFEND & RESIST: a  powerful herbal immune booster.  Use only
          on a rotation basis – 4 days  on/3 days off (use Monday through Thursday
          then stay off for the weekend:  Friday through Sunday)
   6.    GARLIC: helps normalize  & stabilize the immune system
   7.    OSTEOMATRIX: helps reduce  the body stress from allergies
   8.    CAROTOMAX: stimulates  immune response
   9.    VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  necessary for proper immune function
 10.   NUTRIFERON: To support the Immune  System.
    1.  SOY PROTEIN: hemoglobin  is 95% protein 
    2.  B COMPLEX: essential in  red blood cell production 
    3.  IRON: an essential  component of red blood cells 
    4.  VITA C: enhances the  body use of iron 
    5.  OPTIFLORA: increases  mineral absorption 
    1.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  increases blood flow; helps prevent
         blood clotting; increases oxygen  available to all tissue 
    2.  LECITHIN: emulsifies  fat & lowers cholesterol  
    3.  COQHEART:  Energizes heart  muscle and relaxes/dilates  blood
    4.  CHOLESTEROL REGLUATING  COMPLEX:  to reduce cholesterol  
    5.  OSTEOMATRIX: muscle  relaxant 
    6.  GLA OR EPA: improves  circulation; reduces work demand on heart  
    7.  B COMPLEX: helps  prevent clotting; dilates or opens blood
         vessels; regulates heartbeat &  heart elasticity; improves electrical conduction
         in the heart 
    8.  VITA C: helps lower  serum cholesterol; essential for 
         formation & repair of connective tissue 
    9.  GARLIC: dilates small blood vessels prevents  clotting 
    1.  ALFALFA:  anti-inflammatory; high in chlorophyll; helps reduce
         uric acid;  anti-stiffness factor 
    2.  VITAMIN C:  anti-inflammatory; important for strong cartilage;
         anti-stress; assists  mineral absorption 
    3.  JOINT HEALTH  COMPLEX:  glucosamine hydrochloride to repair 
    4.  OSTEOMATRIX: essential  for strong cartilage; anti-stress from
         arthritic pain  
    5.  HERB-LAX: reduces  toxins & inflammation 
    6.  B COMPLEX: helps body  deal with the stress from pain 
    7.  GLA: anti-inflammatory:  reduces joint tenderness, swelling &
    8.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  inhibits formation of free radicals
         which can damage the  joints 
    9.  GARLIC:  anti-inflammatory; inhibits formation of free radicals
         which can damage the  joints 
    10. CAROTOMAX: promotes  healing in the epithelial tissue; free
          radical inhibitor  
    11. ZINC: promotes healing  in connective tissue repair 
ASTHMA:  (remove all known food  allergies & purify the air you breathe
         choose AirSource)
    1.  CAROTOMAX: essential  for tissues repair & immunity 
    2.  GLA: acts like a  natural steroid 
    3.  VITA C:  anti-inflammatory; improves immune system strength;
         natural anti-histamine  effect 
    4.  NUTRIFERON:   (especially for environmental allergies)  
    5.  ZINC: improves healing;  strengthens immune system 
    6.  B COMPLEX: strengthens  the immune system; anti-stress 
    7.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  strengthens the immune system; promotes
    8.  LECITHIN: soothes the  bronchial tubes & lungs 
    9.  GARLIC:  anti-inflammatory, strengthens the immune system 
    1.  WATER: Drink adequate  purified water 
    2.  OPTIFLORA: provides  necessary friendly bacteria
    3.  DEFEND & RESIST:  powerful immune system booster (use for 7 to
         15 days  only) 
    4.  GARLIC: natural  antibiotic 
    5.  VITAMIN C:   anti-bacterial; immune system booster
    1.   VITA C: immune system  booster; natural decongestant; thins mucous 
    2.   GARLIC:  natural antibiotic; anti-infection; anti-viral; natural 
    3.   CAROTOMAX:  protective to lung tissue; healing of all tissue 
    4.    HERB-LAX:  reduces body bacterial count 
    5.    VITAMIN E +  SELENIUM: improved breathing; healing for tissue;
       powerful free radical  scavenger 
    6.  ZINC:  healing for tissues; immune system strengthener 
CANCER:  (purify the air  you breathe  AirSource is  recommended)
    1.  VITA C: increases  production & stimulation of T-killer cells
         which destroy cancer  cells 


    2.  CAROTOMAX: strengthens  immune system; greatly reduces risk of
         epithelial tissue  cancer 
    3.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  powerful free radical scavenger 
    4.  NUTRIFERON: strengthens  the immune system 
    5.  ZINC: strengthens the  thymus gland for a stronger immune
    6.  GARLIC: enhances the  immune system: causes T-killer cells to
         be more active  
    7.  GLA: immune system  strengthener / slows down cellular
    8.  B COMPLEX: increases  speed of the immune system response  
    9.  HERB-LAX: reduces body  toxins 
    10. OPTIFLORA: increases  “friendlyâ€
 bacteria 
    11. COQHEART:  energizes the  healing power in each cell 
    12. LECITHIN: strengthens  neurotransmitters which allows
          communication to the nervous  system 
    13. DTX:  Reduce the  toxin load in the body 
    14. ALFALFA:  blood  purifier and mineral smorgasbord 
    15. EXTRA SOY  PROTEIN:  contains anti-cancer components 
CANDIDA:  (avoid sugar, fruit  juices, alcohol, caffeine, white flour,
 dairy  products.
    1.  GARLIC: destroys  overgrowth of yeast 
    2.  OPTIFLORA: replaces  friendly
    3.  VITA C: strengthens the  immune system 
    4.  B COMPLEX: increases  absorption (candida prevents absorption
         of nutrients)  
    5.  ZINC: strengthens the  immune system 
    6.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  strengthens the immune system 
    7.  CAROTOMAX: strengthens  the immune system 
    8.  NUTRIFERON:  to  strengthen the weakened immune system 
    1.  EXTRA SOY PROTEIN:  essential to provide amino acid L-Lysine  
    2.  B COMPLEX: immune  function & healing 
    3.  OPTIFLORA: provides  friendly
    4.  VITA C: healing, immune  function; anti-bacterial 
    5.  GARLIC: natural  antibiotic 
    6.  ZINC: healing  properties 
    7.  CAROTOMAX: speed  healing 
    1.  ZINC: healing &  connective tissue repair; immune system
    2.  VITA C: antioxidant  properties to prevent tissue damage  
    3.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  powerful free radical scavenger 
    4.  CAROTOMAX: deficiency  has been linked to poor vision &
         cataract formation  
    5.  EXTRA SOY PROTEIN:  important for lens repair 
    6.  B COMPLEX: essential  for intracellular eye metabolism 
    7.  OMEGAGUARD:   tissue membrane health 
    8.  COQHEART: energize  healing 
CHOLESTEROL  (HIGH)  (eat cabbage, oatmeal,  apples, etc. for soluble
    1.  SOLUBLE FIBER (eg. Fiber  Plan, Daily Crunch):  prevents fat
         absorption; reduces  stress on heart by minimizing fat accumulation  
    2.  LECITHIN: converts  serum cholesterol to good  HDL 
    3.  CHOLESTEROL REGULATING  COMPLEX:  to reduce cholesterol  
    4.  COQHEART:  Reduces LDL  oxidation 
    5.  GLUCOSE REGULATING  COMPLEX:  reduce formation of cholesterol  
    6.  ALFALFA: has natural  chelating affect in arteries 
    7.  GARLIC: prevents  clotting; dilates small blood vessels;
         dissolves fatty deposits & thins  blood 
    8.  OPTIFLORA: helps  normalize blood lipids 
    9.  VITAMIN E +  SELENIUM:  natural blood vessel dilator/ reduces
         LDL oxidation 
    10. DTX:  makes a  healthier liver (a dirty liver produces excess
          cholesterol in the bile)  
    11. EXTRA SOY  PROTEIN:  clinically tested to aid in cholesterol
    12. B COMPLEX:   reduces homocysteine level 
    1.  B COMPLEX: releases  energy from food; increases immune cell
    2.  CAROTOMAX: has a  powerful effect on some specific immune
         system functions  
    3.  CoQHEART:  Energizes every  cell 
    4.  NUTRIFERON:  to  strengthen the immune system 
    5.  VITA C: has as powerful  anti-viral effect 
    6.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  greatly enhances the ability of the body
         to produce powerful  antibodies 
    7.  ZINC: dramatically  promotes all types of T-cell (immune
         systems) production &  aggressiveness 
    8.  GARLIC: immune  booster 
    9.  PHYSIQUE:   excellent for muscle tissue recovery  
    10. OMEGAGUARD:   essential for tissue membrane recovery  
    11. CORENERGY (Ginseng/Cordyceps):  strengthen and replenish the 
    12. STRESS RELIEF  COMPLEX:  nourishment for a stressed nervous
COLITIS:  (AVOID the foods  you are allergic to!)
    1.  SOLUBLE FIBER (eg. Daily Crunch): to provide soft bulk & reduce 
         frequent stools 
    2.  OPTIFLORA: to  repopulate the bowel lining with friendly
    3.  CAROTOMAX: provides  healing to the epithelial bowel tissue  
    4.  ZINC: promotes  healing 
    5.  ALFALFA: provides  vitamin K for healing; overcomes mineral
         deficiencies due to frequent  elimination; anti-inflammatory 
    6.  GARLIC:  anti-inflammatory 
    7.  B COMPLEX:  anti-stress 
    8.  OSTEOMATRIX:  anti-stress; helps reduce risk of bowel cancer  
    9.  VITA C: promotes  healing of mucous membranes; strengthens
         immune system  
    10. COQHEART: to enhance healing  energy 
    11. STRESS RELIEF  COMPLEX:  nourishment for a stressed nervous
    1.  OPTIFLORA: to  repopulate the bowel lining with friendly

    2.  SOLUBLE FIBER (eg. Daily Crunch): to provide soft bulk & reduce 
         frequent stools 


    3.  ALFALFA:  anti-inflammatory; high mineral content promotes
         healing; promotes cleansing  of bowel irritants 
    4.  ZINC: promotes  healing 
    5.  B COMPLEX: anti-stress;  increases absorption 
    6.  CAROTOMAX: aids in  controlling infection; promotes healing of
         bowel lining  
    7.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  aids healing 
    1.  B COMPLEX: nourishes  the central nervous system 
    2.  LECITHIN: insulates the  central nervous system; nourishes
         brain cells; essential for nerve  transmission 
    3.  MOODLIFT: stimulates  serotonin production 
    4.  EXTRA SOY PROTEIN :  provides amino acids to increase serotonin
    5.  GINKGO BILOBA (Shaklee  MENTAL ACUITY):  improves
         oxygen/hormone/nutrient availability to the  brain 
    6.  STRESS RELIEF  COMPLEX:  nourishes the central nervous system  
    7.  CORENERGY (Ginseng/Cordyceps):  strengthen & replenish the 
    8.  OPTIFLORA:  reduce  toxin load 
DIABETES:  (increase fiber in  diet to prevent drastic shifts in blood
         sugar levels & avoid white flour  products. 
    1.  GLUCOSE REGULATING  COMPLEX: helps manage blood sugar 
    2.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  helps reduce risk of retinopathy;
         neuropathy, gangrene, & circulatory  problems 
    3.  B COMPLEX: helps reduce  risk of neuropathy; increases glucose
         utilization; strengthens  pancreas 
    4.  ALFALFA: replaces  minerals lost by frequent urination;
         strengthens kidneys  
    5.  ZINC: promotes  healing 
    6.  LECITHIN: reduces risk  of cardiovascular disease; reduces
         neuropathy problems; increases  circulation 
    7.  VITA C: strengthens  pancreas; essential in healing; reduces
         risk of  retinopathy; reduces risk of  cardiovascular disease 
    8.  COQHEART:  energizes the  pancreas 
DIVERTICULITIS:  (soluble fiber  like Daily Crunch is advantageous;
         oatmeal  recommended)
    1.  HERB-LAX: promotes  cleansing of bowel irritants; stool
    2.  ALFALFA: bowel  cleanser; promotes healing 
    3.  OPTIFLORA: repopulate  bowel with friendly
    4.  LECITHIN: lubricates  & heals bowel lining 
    5.  ZINC: promotes  healing 
    6.  B COMPLEX:  anti-stress 
    7.  CAROTOMAX: strengthens  bowel muscles & mucous membranes 
    1.  HERB-LAX: promotes  detoxification 
    2.  ALFALFA: promotes  cleansing of the blood; strengthens the
         elimination ability of kidneys;  contain chlorophyll which aids in skin
    3.  OPTIFLORA:   increase good bacteria levels 
    4.  ZINC: promotes  healing 
    6.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  improves circulation 
    7.  GLA CAPSULES:  for  tissue healing 
    8.  VITA C:  promotes  healing 
    9.  CAROTOMAX:   promotes tissue healing 
    1.  DEFEND & RESIST:  natural antibiotic; powerful immune system
    2.  VITA C: fights viral  infections by increasing blood
         interferons;  reduces length of fever 
    3.  GARLIC: natural  antibiotic; anti-inflammatory; anti-viral,
    4.  OPTIFLORA:   increase good bacteria 
    5.  LECITHIN: coats red  blood cells, thereby providing protection
                         against invasion of virus or  bacteria 
    6.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  protects red blood cell membranes;
         increases circulation  
    7.  NUTRIFERON to boost  immunity.
    1.  If candida is one of  the causes it must be dealt with care see
    2.  Caffeine must be  avoided 
    3.   VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: reduces hormonal  storms 
    4.   GLA:  minimizes fluctuations in hormonal imbalance  
    5.   B COMPLEX: promotes hormonal balance; promotes blood cell 
          productivity; assists in water balance  
    6.   OPTIFLORA:  reduces yeast proliferation  
    7.   VITA  C: important for healing process 
    8.   OSTEOMATRIX: reduces  vascular & muscular tension 
    9.   ZINC: essential for healing  
   10.   CORENERGY: reduces  pain; helps bring balance in hormonal system  
    1.  EXTRA SOY PROTEIN: to  provide essential amino acids for brain
    2.  LECITHIN/GLA: improves  brain circulation 
    3.  B COMPLEX: nourishes  the central nervous system 
    4.  OSTEOMATRIX: important  for proper nerve transmission 
    5.  ZINC: needed for  connective tissue repair 
    6.  ALFALFA: for necessary  mineral balance 
    7.  CAROTOMAX: an important  antioxidant that aids in protecting
         brain function  
    8.  VITA C: vital to  functioning of the adrenal gland 
    9.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  aids circulation & immunity 
    1.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  extremely important for antioxidant
    2.  GLA: minimizes  fluctuations in hormone imbalance 
    3.  DTX:  liver  detoxification 
    4.  B COMPLEX: important in  fluid retention & hormonal regulation  
    5.  APPETITE REDUCTION  SPRAY:  for detoxification 
    6.  CAROTOMAX: necessary  for mucous membranes of the breast
        ductual  system 
    7.  VITA C: strengthens the  adrenal glands, necessary for hormone
         production &  balance 
    8.  CORENERGY: acts as an adaptogen  to bring about hormonal
    9.  OPTIFLORA:   reduces toxin load 
    10. HERB LAX:  reduces  toxin load 


    1.  VITA C:   strengthens the integrity of connective tissue  
    2.  COQHEART   increases cellular energy 
    3.  NUTRIFERON:   strengthens the immune system 
    4.  LECITHIN/GLA: insulates  the fibrous sheath of the nerve
    5.  OSTEOMATRIX: muscle relaxant 
    1.  OPTIFLORA:   increase good bacteria 
    2.  PHYSIQUE: muscle tissue  recovery 
    3.  VITAMIN E +  SELENIUM:  improves oxygenation of cells  
    4.  GINKGO BILOBA (Shaklee  MENTAL ACUITY):  improves blood flow
         throughout the  body 
    5.  GENTLE SLEEP COMPLEX:  relaxes muscles so they can heal;
         encourages body to make more cortisone for  healing 
    1.  OPTIFLORA: supplies  friendly
 bacteria that are deficient
         in fungus in  infections 
    2.  GARLIC:   neutralizes most fungi 
    3.  DEFEND & RESIST: 7  days on/4days off for several cycles to
boost the body´s  immunity 
    4.  VITA C: to boost the  body immunity 
    5.  CAROTOMAX: boosts  body immunity; aids in healing of the
         skin tissue  
    6.  VITAMIN E +  SELENIUM:  to strengthen immune system 
    1.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  increases circulation to the eye;
         powerful free radical  scavenger 
    2.  CAROTOMAX: necessary to  heal & remove pressure from behind the
    3.  GLA: involved in the  regulation of circulation to the eye;
    4.  VITA C: prevents  tearing of capillaries; detoxifies free
         radicals;  anti-inflammatory 
    5.  OPTIFLORA:  reduce  toxin load 
    6.  ALFALFA: mineral  content relaxes arterial muscles;
    7.  HERB-LAX: detoxifies  body tissues 
    8.  DTX:  reduce toxin  load 
    9.  COQHEART:  powerful  antioxidant 
    10. GINKGO BILOBA (Shaklee  MENTAL ACUITY):  increase blood flow to
          the eyes 
    1.  ALFALFA: produces  alkaline reaction in the blood; excellent
         source of  potassium 
    2.  VITA C: lowers serum  uric acid 
    3.  DTX:  reduce toxin  load 
    4.  B COMPLEX: essential  for improved metabolism 
    5.  HERB-LAX:  reduce  toxin load 
    6.  ZINC: critical for  protein metabolism & tissue repair  
    7.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  improves circulation & neutralizes free
HAIR  (Loss of):  (use Shaklee´s  ProSanté hair products)
    1.  B COMPLEX: nourishes  the hair shaft 
    2.  ZINC: critically  important in rapid cell growth 
    3.  ALFALFA: overcome trace  mineral deficiencies 
    4.  LECITHIN: absorptive  aid for all fat soluble nutrients
         essential for health hair  shaft 
    5.  COQHEART:  increase  cellular energy 
    6.  OPTIFLORA:  reduce  toxin load 
    7.  VITA- C:  improve  scalp circulation/antioxidant for hair
    8.  PERFORMANCE:   increase potassium levels 
    9.  GINKGO BILOBA (Shaklee  MENTAL ACUITY):  increases blood flow
         to brain 
HEADACHES   (see headache manual for  specific details on treating the
         5 main types of headaches ….. investigate  hormonal deficiencies ……
         enhance toxin elimination from body)  
    1.  ALFALFA: overcome trace  mineral deficiencies;
         anti-inflammatory especially for sinus  pressure 
    2.  B COMPLEX: brings  balance to hormonal fluctuations 
    4.  OSTEOMATRIX: reduces  vascular tension 
    5.  LECITHIN: absorptive  aid for all fat soluble nutrients 
    6.  VITAMIN E: increases  capillary blood flow 
    1.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  increases capillary blood flow; vassal
         dilator; prevents  clotting 
    2.  LECITHIN: fat  emulsifier; reduces cholesterol  
    3.  COQHEART:  energize heart  muscle 
    4.  CHOLESTEROL REGULATING  COMPLEX:  to regulate cholesterol  
    5.  ALFALFA: high mineral  content promotes natural chelating;
         reduces tissue water retention; provides  potassium & magnesium to relax
         arterial  muscles  
    6.  OSTEOMATRIX: regulates  heart rhythm; relaxes muscle tension  
    7.  GARLIC:  anti-hypertensive; dilates small blood vessels;
         prevents clotting; dissolves  fat deposits and thins blood 
    8.  SOLUBLE FIBER (Daily  Crunch): reduce excessive cholesterol &

    9.  VITA C: maintains  connective tissue integrity; prevents
         tearing of  capillaries 
    10. B COMPLEX:  anti-stress 
HEARTBURN:  (drink  peppermint/ginger tea)
    1.  OPTIFLORA: reduces  reflux reaction 
    2.  OSTEOMATRIX:  neutralizes stomach acid 
    3.  ALFALFA: possess three  classes of enzymes for proteins, fats &
         carbohydrates to overcome  digestive disorders 
    4.  EZ-GEST:   digestive enzymes 
HIGH  BLOOD PRESSURE: (drink adequate water for  kidney health)
    1.  OMEGAGUARD: reduces  work demand on heart; increases HDL;
         improves liver metabolism of fats;  increase flow rate in small blood vessels  
    2.  COQHEART:  regulates  circulatory system 
    3.  GARLIC: dilates small  blood vessels; prevents clotting;
         dissolves fatty deposits & thinks  blood 
    4.  OPTIFLORA:  anti-stress:  detoxifies neuro-toxins for a
         healthier nervous system;  helps normalize blood lipids 
    5.  HERB-LAX: provides from  proper elimination of fats before they
         are reabsorbed  
    6.  LECITHIN: emulsifies  blood fats, improves liver function;
         lower blood pressure  

    7.  ALFALFA: strengthens  the kidneys which make a hormone that
         regulates blood pressure; natural  diuretic 
    8.  OSTEOMATRIX: a  deficiency in calcium has been linked to high
         blood  pressure 
    9.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  improves heart function; vassal dilator 
    2.  B COMPLEX: regulates  the central nervous system 
    3.  EXTRA SOY PROTEIN:  provides essential amino acids for
         appropriate serotonin  production 
    4.  OSTEOMATRIX: natural  tranquilizer, calming effect 
    5.  HERB-LAX: detoxifies  body poisons 
    6.  LECITHIN: insulates  nerve bundles 
    7.  ALFALFA: overcomes  mineral deficiencies 
    8.  GENTLE SLEEP COPMLEX:  herbal calming remedy; promotes deeper
HYPOGLYCEMIA:  (several small meals  throughout the day)
    1.  EXTRA SOY PROTEIN:  regulates blood sugar; strengthens
        glandular functions  
    2.  ALFALFA: helps regulate  glandular functions 
    3.  B COMPLEX: allows  adrenal-pancreas-liver balance of blood
    4.  ZINC: strengthens  glandular functions; hair analyses reveals
         that most hypoglycemics are deficient  
    5.  VITA C: for adrenal  glandular insufficiency 
    6.  CORENERGY (Shaklee Ginseng/Cordeceps):  glandular benefits  
    7.  COQHEART:  energizes  adrenals 
    8.  GLUCOSE REGULATION  COMPLEX: critical for glucose metabolism 


    1.  LECITHIN: assist  neuro-transmitter production in brain  
    2.  OSTEOMATRIX: nature’s  tranquilizers; muscle relaxant 
    4.  GENTLE SLEEP COMPLEX:  restores relaxed state to central
         nervous system  
    5.  VITAMIN C: deals with  stress response-calms nerves 
    6.  OPTIFLORA: displaces  many neuro-toxins 
    1.  GINKGO BILOBA (Shaklee  MENTAL ACUITY):  improves blood flow  
    2.  OSTEOMATRIX: provides  proper building blocks for bones 
    3.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  improves limb circulation by increasing
         capillary blood  flow 
    4.  OPTIFLORA: reduces  nutrient malabsorption 
    5.  ALFALFA: overcomes  trace mineral deficiency 
    1.  DTX:  detoxify the  liver 
    2.  HERB-LAX: detoxifies  & prevents accumulation of metabolic
         waster products  
    3.  SOLUBLE FIBER (eg. Daily Crunch): helps remove the toxic load
         on the liver 
    4.  LECITHIN: prevents fat  build-up or fatty liver 
    5.  APPETITE REDUCTION  SPRAY:  to detoxify 
    6.  OPTIFLORA: detoxifies  many chemicals 
    7.  VITA C: neutralizes  toxic substances & boosts immune system  
    8.  ALFALFA: detoxifies  liver by stimulating bile flow 
    9.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  prevents oxidized fat accumulation &
          free radical  damage 
    10. CAROTOMAX: anti-oxidant  effect on free radicals 
    11. GARLIC: speeds liver  healing; detoxifier 
    1.  GLA: naturel steroid   VERY IMPORTANT FOR LUPUS 
    2.  VITA C: antioxidant;  also anti-inflammatory 
    3.  B COMPLEX: strengthens  glandular functions; reduces
         malabsorption; nourishes nervous  system 
    4.  ALFALFA:  anti-inflammatory; strengthens kidneys (alfalfa leaf
         powder tablets; NOT  SPROUTS) 
    5.  OPTIFLORA:  for  the immune system 
    6.  ZINC: protects skin  & organs; promotes healing 
    7.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  helps the body use oxygen more
         efficiently; promotes  healing 
    8.  CAROTOMAX: powerful  antioxidant 
    9.  GARLIC: immune system  enhancer; protects enzyme systems 
EXTRA SOY PROTEIN:  large amounts of essential  amino  acids 
    1.  B COMPLEX: makes a  healthy nervous system; nourishes
    2.  ST.  JOHN’S WORT  (Shaklee MoodLift):  enhance serotonin 
    4.  ZINC: protects brain  cells 
    5.  LECITHIN: insulates  nerve bundles; improves brain circulation  
    6.  ALFALFA: mineral  imbalance can cause depression 
    7.  GLA: important for  improved cerebral circulation 
    8.  VITA C: a powerful  immunostimulant  
    9.  COQHEART:   energize each  cell 
    1.  MENOPAUSE REGULATION  COMPLEX:  for hormonal stability; reduces
         hot  flashes 
    2.  EXTRA SOY  PROTEIN:  helps balance hormones  
    3.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  prevents hormonal storms 
    4.  GLA: helps balance  hormones 
    5.  VITA C: promotes  glandular health; assists mineral absorption  
    6.  B-COMPLEX: minimizes  water retention, hot flashes & nervous
         disorders; anti-stress; increases  glandular health 
    7.  OSTEOMATRIX: maintain  bone integrity 
    9.  CAROTOMAX: promotes  healthy mucous membranes in the vaginal
         area; anti-oxidant 
    1.  B COMPLEX: reduces  stress; helps regain hormonal imbalance;
         reduces water  retention 
    2.  GLA: regains hormonal  imbalance by minimizing fluctuations due
         to nutrient  deficiency 
    3.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  prevents hormonal storms 
    4.  EXTRA SOY  PROTEIN:  manufactures hormones  
    5.  ALFALFA: reduces tissue  water retention 
    6.  OSTEOMATRIX: reduces  cramping by providing for proper muscle


    1.  LECITHIN: improves  brain circulation; nourishes brain cells  
    2.  B COMPLEX: nourishes  neuro-transmitters 
    3.  GINKGO BILOBA (Shaklee  MENTAL ACUTIY):  improves
         oxygen/hormones/nutrient availability to the  brain 
    4.  HERBAL LAXATIVE:  detoxifies body toxins 
    5.  DTX:  reduce toxin  load 
    6.  OPTIFLORA:  reduce  toxin load 
    7.  COQHEART:  energize every  cell 
    8.  ALFALFA:  mineral  smorgasbord 
    9.  APPETITE REDUCTION  SPRAY:  to detoxify 
  10.   CORENERGY (Ginseng/Cordeceps):  Increase oxygen availability to 
  11.   MEMORY OPTOMIZER: Improves memory retention
    1.  B COMPLEX: makes a  healthy nervous system; nourishes
    2.  LECITHIN/GLA CAPSULES:  insulates nerve bundles; improves brain
    3.  STRESS RELIEF COMPLEX:  detoxifies many neuro-toxins 
    4.  OSTEOMATRIX: natural  calmer 
    5.  OPTIFLORA:  reduce  toxin load 
    6.  EXTRA SOY  PROTEIN:  additional amino acids for repair 
OSTEOPOROSIS:  (make sure  progesterone levels are optimal & do
         weight-bearing  exercise)
    1.  OSTEOMATRIX: necessary  for bone integrity 
    2.  EXTRA SOY PROTEIN:  bones are 65% protein 
    3.  VITA C: necessary to  build adequate connective tissue; assists
         mineral  absorption 
    4.  OPTIFLORA: increases  availability of many trace nutrients  
    5.  ALFALFA:  mineral  smorgasbord 
    6.  EZ-GEST: to enhance  absorption of nutrients 
    1.  GLA: regains hormonal  imbalance by minimizing fluctuations due
         to nutrient  deficiency 
    2.  B COMPLEX: helps regain  hormonal imbalance; reduces stress;
         reduces water  retention 
    3.  PERFORMANCE: helps  regulate electrolytes 
    4.  ALFALFA: reduce trace  mineral deficiencies; reduces water

    5.  LECITHIN: insulates  nerve bundles 
    6.  VITA C: increase  glandular health 
    7.  OSTEOMATRIX: reduces  cramps; reduces insomnia 
PROSTRATE  TROUBLE:  (avoid alcohol and  caffeine)
    1.  SAW PALMETTO: herbal  remedy which reduces prostate
    2.  ZINC: promotes healthy  prostate 
    3.  EXTRA SOY  PROTEIN:  reduces DHT formation  
    4.  VITA C:  anti-inflammatory; strengthens gland  
    5.  CAROTOMAX:  anti-inflammatory; anti-oxidant effect on free
    6.  ALFALFA:  anti-inflammatory; increases kidney filtration rate  
    7.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  reduces degeneration 
    8.  LECITHIN/GLA CAPSULES:  for prostate cellular protection 
    9.  B COMPLEX: anti-cancer  properties 
    10. OSTEOMATRIX: reduces  vascular tension 
    11. OPTIFLORA:  reduce  toxin load 
    12. DTX:  reduce toxin  load 
PSORIASIS:  (drink adequate  water for proper detoxification of skin,
         bowels &  kidneys)
    1.  ALFALFA: blood purifier  & cleanser; strengthens & cleanses
    2.  GLA: IMPORTANT for all  skin disorders 
    3.  HERB-LAX: detoxifies  toxins from the body 
    4.  DTX:  reduce toxin  load 
    5.  STRESS RELIEF  COMPLEX:  to relieve stress related root causes  
    6.  CAROTOMAX: reduces  effects of UV light from the sun; nourishes
         epithelium skin  tissue 
    7.  VITA C: speeds tissue  healing; detoxifies sensitizing
         substances; boosts immune  system 
    8.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  promotes healing of skin; increases
    9.  APPETITE REDUCTION  SPRAY:  to reduce toxins 
    10. ZINC: needed for  connective tissue repair in scar tissue  
    11. B COMPLEX: improved  nutrient absorption 
    12. OPTIFLORA: detoxifies  many chemicals 
    13. GARLIC: detoxification;  increases capillary circulation;
          speeds tissue healing 
    1.  VITAMIN C: immune  support; speeds up healing 
    2.  B COMPLEX: provides  nutrients needed for healing the nerve
    3.  ZINC: needed for  healing of connective tissue 
    4.  NUTRIFERON  
    5.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  immune support; speeds up healing 
    6.  CAROTOMAX: immune  support; heals epithelial tissue 
    7.  COQHEART:  increases  healing energy 
    8.  OPTIFLORA:   strengthens immune system;  reduce toxin load  
    9.  GARLIC:  for the  immune system 
    10. DTX:  reduce toxin  load 
SINUSITIS:  (purify the air  you breathe … AirSource is  recommended)
    1.  VITA C:  anti-inflammatory; thins mucous; decongestant; reduces
         histamine  release 
    2.  ALFALFA: reduces the  effect of inflammatory endorphins;
         natural anti-histamine  
    3.  GARLIC: reduces  inflammation; natural sinus & nasal
    4.  OPTIFLORA:  build  the immune system 
    5.  NUTRIFERON:  to  strengthen the immune system 
    6.  CAROTOMAX: promotes  healing of mucous membranes after
    7.  ZINC:  promotes  healing of mucous lining 
    1.  STRESS RECOVERY  COMPLEX:  works in 20 to 30 minutes 
    2.  B COMPLEX: nourishes  the central nervous system; builds the
         adrenal glands  
    3.  VITA C: boosts body  energy; calms nerves as a result of a
         stress response, builds adrenal  glands 
    4.  OSTEOMATRIX: calcium  needs increase 5x under stress 


    5.  GARLIC:   anti-stress food 
    6.  LECITHIN: nerve bundle  insulator; relaxes nervous system;
         increase brain  function 
    7.  ALFALFA: provides for  additional trace mineral needs due to
    8.  CAROTOMAX: increased  immune protection 
    9.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  increased immune protection; for a
         healthy heart  
    10. GENTLE SLEEP COMPLEX:  encourages better sleep patterns; body
          makes more cortisone during  sleep 
    11. EXTRA SOY  PROTEIN:  protein levels increase when stressed 


    1.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  prevents clot formation; increases
         capillary blood flow; vassal  dilator 
    2.  LECITHIN: emulsifies  fat; reduces cholesterol  
    3.  GARLIC: prevents clot  formation; thins blood; dissolves fatty
         deposits; dilates small blood  vessels 
    4.  COQHEART:  reduces  blood clotting, relaxes blood vessel walls  
    6.  HERB-LAX: provides for  adequate elimination of fats in waste  
    7.  MENTAL ACUITY:   increase blood flow 
    8.  OSTEOMATRIX:   relaxes blood vessel walls 
    9.  SOLUBLE FIBER (eg. Daily Crunch): absorbs blood fats & takes
         away  in waste 
THYROID:  Hypothyroidism   
    1.  ALFALFA: good source of  balanced iodine 
    2.  LECITHIN: essential for  thyroid hormone production 
    3.  EXTRA SOY PROTEIN:  essential for the formation of hormones;
         builds glandular  strength 
    4.  VITA C: essential for  glandular health; speeds tissue healing
         & connective tissue  integrity 
    5.  APPETITE REDUCITON  SPRAY:  helps detoxify 
    6.  ZINC: essential for  glandular health 
    7.  B COMPLEX: essential  for glandular health 
    8.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  powerful free radical scavenger 
    9.  CORENERGY (Ginseng/Cordeceps):  for energy  
    10. COQHEART:  energize every  cell 
    11. OPTIFLORA:  for  immune health 
THYROID:  Hyperthyroidism
    1.  EXTRA SOY PROTEIN:  essential for hormonal balance 
    2.  B COMLEX: essential to  nourish the hypothalamus gland 
    3.  VITA C: reduces  degeneration of cellular tissue in gland  
    4.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  powerful free radical scavenger 
         reduces degeneration of cellular  tissue 
    5.  GARLIC: anti-oxidant  for immune support; anti-inflammatory  
    6.  CAROTOMAX: immune  support 
    7.  GLA: anti-inflammatory;  immune support, aids hormone imbalance  
    8.  OPTIFLORA:  for  immune health 
    1.  CAROTOMAX: needed for  healing; protects the mucous membranes
         of the stomach &  intestine 
    2.  ZINC: needed for  healing 
    3.  ALFALFA: heals damaged  mucous forming cells in stomach 
    4.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  aids in reducing stomach acid 
    5.  B COMPLEX: reduces the  effects of stress; increases nutrient
    6.  GARLIC: reduces the  effects of stress; speeds tissue healing  
    7.  OPTIFLORA: detoxifies  many neuro-toxins to reduce anxiety  
    8.  STRESS RECOVERY  COMPLEX:  many ulcers are due to stress 
    1.  HERB-LAX: reduces back  pressure in the portals of the
         circulatory system  
    2.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  improves the efficiency of heart muscle;
         vassal dilator  
    3.  DTX:  detoxify the  liver to reduce pressure in arteries  Team 
    4.  GARLIC: dilates blood  vessels; increases circulation 
    5.  VITAMIN C: increases  capillary strength; reduces blood
         clotting; promotes healing; prevents  bruising 
    6.  B COMPLEX: increases  nutrient metabolism 
    7.  GINKGO BILOBA (Shaklee  Mental Acuity):  increases blood flow  
COQHEART:  relaxes blood  vessel walls  

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