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Networks marketing companies

Networks marketing companies


Ordinary companies have only one goal - that comes at all costs: to seek profit at the earth’s expense. Consequently, these companies have no moral or social or ecological views, as they benefit from $100 million as well as tax havens, amounting to billions. In contrast, companies who first market their products through a network of collaborators have humanitarian and ecological concerns at the forefront. There is currently a large number of trading companies participating in business transactions through direct contact with other people as well as with the Internet. It is important that all people develop a penetrating collective conscience to save the planet. However, the development of a collective consciousness depends on both psychological changes and individual lifestyles, requiring change within mentality. That is why human beings on Earth, polluters and multinational industries that are exploiting the Third World must, as soon as possible, effectively change their behavior. Worldwide, approximately 37,000 multinational companies hold a third of the responsibility in depriving the planet. Hence, a financial turnover of anywhere between $5.5 trillion to $5 million billion - despite the fact that they must take into account about 500 national laws ranging throughout the different states. Fortunately, more and more companies - however small the percentage - have the following major concerns: health and the environment. In regards to home based business that operate via a network of collaborators utilizing the internet, the requirements are far less large. This is the reason why network marketing is the best means to do home business today. In fact, some even say that it will become the future of all people wanting to achieve financial independence. However, such home based business owners must still take into account the national policies, ecological data as well as an overall respect the environment. It is more acceptable to increase revenues in peace, where the products sold are environmentally friendly.


Currently, there are hundreds of individuals that are marketing through a network of collaborator, selling environmentally friendly products. They establish a network of relationships through parents, family, friends, and work relationships or even through cold contacts and social media recruiting. Employment can be part time, according to their convenience or full time if they are really ready to commit and want their incomes to triple the salary of their employment - for those who have one. Ordinary people, professionals and people from all types of different backgrounds and nationalities are drawn to such networks due to the principle of leverage that this kind of legitimate trade provides. Regular and constant action, ranging easily between ten or twenty hours a week is often enough to have long-term and good income after about six to ten months. Gradually, the business continues to grow on its own, eventually creating a snowball effect. Within the network, other individuals are constantly determined to achieve while consumers are always looking for quality products, the cheapest services and the lowest prices. There is room for everyone in the world of online network marketing. Everything and anything depends on the dreams and aspirations of those who participate is the



How to Get Rich Quick!


According to Mr. Szajna, there is a method where one can earn about $ 75,000 a year, while only working only three to four hours per week. Several networks of distributors can earn over $ 75,000 per month, or even per week. However, it's not through working three to four hours a week that they achieved this. A person who would promise you such an income, simply by enrolling to the trade and by throwing a glance towards the product from time to time is certainly not trustworthy. The network marketing is a real business and therefore, you have to work to make progress. Several years of serious effort in developing your network will give you the results described above. This is, of course, unthinkable in the beginning. A distributor who invests little time in their network will harvest just as little.


 We are told that in the new century, 50% to 65% of goods and services will soon be distributed by companies for marketing networks. So why not join a business network, mine or that of another and abide faithfully? This is the best way to increase your income and create jobs in your region, even your country, because all those who are part of your network are self-employed. As such, they benefit from tax credits, just like any other business. You may even, at some point, consider the globalization of your ecological network marketing business.

Why get involved?


We must think and act ecologically. Think "green".

Since we can no longer rely solely on our governments to create employment, we need to find our own means. In this regard, there is a wealth of information to be found in libraries. You cannot just dream about your business, you need to build it. Do not leave your chances up for grabs, as if they were part of the lottery. When gambling, there is one single chance in 55 million of winning the jackpot. This is insane! Why does the government place slot machines in such deprived areas? Because it is the poor, deprived neighborhoods that are most interested in playing these risky games. This is also because they hope to improve their spells of luck, but they instead become pathological gamblers, easily biting the hook of the game. The elderly population is no exception to this craze towards slot machines. When it comes to escaping poverty, slot machines can appear to be an easy and effective way. Unfortunately, the entire idea is deceiving and individuals can quickly become compulsive and unhealthy players. The rational solution is network marketing! Marketing through a network is a modern financial and feasible solution to anyone facing monetary issues. Involvement will be your new found joy and you will experience great satisfaction - to which I am sure of, if you simply follow the basics. Individuals such as single parents, reconstructed or still growing families are very often attracted to this form of business, mainly in order to supply for their households, especially because this allows for the reception of an additional income, which is very reassuring. Others are interested in acquiring more free time with family enjoying more of life and liberty.


However, it is important to make sure that your future business will be environmentally friendly. The Earth is life and it responds to human insults through natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. The Earth returns to balance in this way, regulating the underground magma. You can view the recent event in Southeast Asia - a tsunami. We must send thanks to the elements of the earth. Through our daily actions, we must all participate, as positive action means global ecological balance. It is a fact that greed seems to be the most widespread sentiment on the planet. Succeed and become increasingly rich is the modus operandi of only a handful of individuals, usually from rich countries benefiting from a free enterprise system. A good majority of capitalists do not account for the impact they have on the environment. They royally do not care. They say: “Caution! We work hard to achieve our success” Yes, but their children will suffer the consequences stemming from environmental destruction. What will be the price paid by humanity? On a short term scale, there will be an increase in disease, viruses, and death for many people. Commercial overfishing will eventually wipe the waters clear of any fish - in fact, in less than sixty years there shouldn’t be any fish left in the entire world!!! Irresponsible people within the fishing domain should be severely punished by governments. Indeed, it is the politicians that have the task of reprimanding such actions through legislation and higher financial compensation. Who knows? The prison will perhaps serve, as has sometimes been the case, to ensure harmony of all ecosystems! Polluting companies should be responsible and repair their damage. Obviously, few multinationals companies show any ecological interest whatsoever. However, those considering a start up business running on marketing networks, must constantly bear in mind that continuous use of the car pollutes the environment. Think green! Now everything can and should be done via the Internet. The involvement of everyone, perseverance in action and honesty are the three keys to success in any personal business or team. To want is to can! To succeed, we must be entirely motivated. Instead of washing your hands of responsibility, find people to join - at home and at work means no pollution. Act ecologically. I can never say it enough: Ecology begins at home!


When we reflect on the continuity of life, one wonders if the human species was not created upon a dead-end, due to the destruction of the environment. Is it possible for humanity to be restored to the limit of what it once was? I do not believe this. There is still hope! But for how many more years; according to Hubert Reeves, an astrophysicist, “there is urgency to act because many misdeeds are already irreparable”.

This book that you are reading does not contain misleading nonsense. This is an essential guide for you to read in a period of economic recession (ex.: “BREXIT” global effects, results) or in a moment of strong economic growth. The guide suggest ways of acting that could pique your intellectual curiosity and interest in the business, while respecting essential values for the survival of humanity. That is why we need to buy online in order to save the environment. For example, whether you obtain your products from domestic or industrial maintenance, on the shelves of a traditional store or via the Internet with a network marketing company, the surfactants, tension-active biodegradable products should be your preferred choice in reference to our ecology.

Call: 1-925-924-3000 (3 minutes message on Get Clean products).


Ideally, in order to promote economy, governments should be stabilized and adopt policies favorable to the environment and fair for all. In this way, the local and foreign investors would have a sense of reassurance and might even hope to profit from their investments, while being obliged to respect the people's living environment. Any business creation involves employment and further benefits the citizens concerned. This would ensure that a large majority of the working population would participate in improving the economy.



Today, according to statistics, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. What are governments doing? They adopt policies that reduce the number of middle class citizens (incomes between $50,000 and $100,000 per year). As a result, the quality of life of the middle class is diminished and freedom, in turn, is thereby restricted. It is necessary that governments encourage the rich to gradually take their environmental responsibilities and be respectful towards other human beings, wherever they decide to invest. For some people, perhaps millions of people worldwide, network marketing is the solution! But beware! We must not delude ourselves. If you have money, you can make money - this is a well known fact. However, to succeed, we must act. In other words, you always have a chance to succeed, even with a low income. The status quo has no future. It's exuberating stagnation. Cooperation, affiliation and the unselfish collaboration are the forces that create prosperity. Moreover, this type of marketing is based on such a principle, hence so does the most part of its growing international popularity. Network marketing favors all classes of modern societies in more than 70 countries and territories. Basically, you will succeed to the same extent that you help people succeed around you. Build a team of winners. Make money, while making money for those who are part of your network. Because the more and more people that apply this honest principle, the more we can expect an increase in the number of people belonging to the middle class.


After thirty years of legal wrangling, the governments who advocate for individual freedom legalized marketing networks (MLM). And with good reason! Of course, according to Richard Wright, Professor of Finance and International Business from McGill University in Montreal, argues that the network marketing is taking up more and more space. According to him:

“Individuals and companies worldwide will see the usefulness of this type of marketing if they want to succeed not only in business but simply survive. This is the concept for future years”.

 The comments above remind me of a reality that has not yet changed: the rich get richer at the expense of the poor. There is nothing new under the sun, except the extraordinary marketing networks. Indeed, in this kind of business, every entrepreneur is rewarded for their efforts. Beware! This type of trade is not pyramidal, because anyone can obtain higher incomes than people in front of him. This is what makes network marketing so legitimate and wonderful. The experience of the network author will be convinced of the truthful proverb: “Man reaps what he has sown”. This is true for health as much as for business. According to its first actions, any new trader will cause a decrease in pollution while increasing healthy environments or maintaining the balance of ecosystems. Similarly, it can borrow money and will gradually accumulate bankruptcy or commercial success. In life, you can become sick because of heredity. You can also become sick from adopting unhealthy lifestyles. It's the same in business. Natural dispositions have a straight path to success, but in contrast, with no such qualities the company may, through consequence, fail. However, when someone is gifted for business, it may also fail by taking bad administrative habits or decisions. Of course, good habits must be taken very early in life, if we want to live as healthy and drilled as Pierre Péladeau (Founder of Quebecor). However, rest assured that no matter your age, it's never too late to start doing the right thing.


Ideally, when a country is prosperous, it is safe for anyone to start a business. However, when a country is experiencing political interference, especially with the military, it loses investor confidence. Despite this, those who decide to start a business venture through networks are provided, in principle, support in overcoming the obstacles more easily. Indeed, the very principle of such trade is that any founder of this kind of business does not act alone. It is supported by all those who are part of its network and also have at heart the success of their business. Unity is strength.


Providing today is a vital need for mankind. Without this clarification, we would unlikely be capable of guarding against the uncertainties of the future. To govern is to foresee. But governments and major industries cannot presently do without the services of futurists, namely the consequences that predict the action of man on their environment. Governments need to plan today, for tomorrow. Larger companies, too, must program their investments for decades in advance. This is the case of every individual who wants to ensure success. They must think not only about their personal self and their ego, but also about their family. They must think about financial success. The thought processes must evolve in all areas in order to be ready for any change. One must be prepared to participate in ensuring the right moment to the inevitable competition in the business world. To achieve this, the affordable and equitable solution is marketing through networks. Why not join us?  www.tinyurl.com/vitalus  Ask me how to join for free!

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