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22 Avril 2021 , Rédigé par Gilles Morand



NOTE:  ALL programs should begin with the following three  items:
1)  Shaklee  Vita-Lea   2)  Soy Protein    3)  Optiflora
THEN:   ADD the three items  listed first when dealing with the
         ailments  listed  below.
    1.  WATER: drink adequate  purified water for proper internal fluid
    2.  ALFALFA: aids in  cleansing the blood; mild antibiotic effect
         toward pathogenic  bacteria 
    3.  ZINC: promotes  infection prevention & decreases acne scars  
    4.  HERB-LAX: reduces body  bacterial count 
    5.  LECITHIN: accommodates  better absorption of fatty acids 
    6.  CAROTOMAX: nourishes  epithelial skin tissue to resist
     7.  VITA C: promotes immune  function 
     8.  GARLIC:  anti-bacterial 
     9.  B COMPLEX: improves  blood flow to surface of skin 
    10. GLA: helps repair  damaged cells; keeps skin soft & smooth 
ALLERGIES:  (Purify the air  you breathe AirSource  recommended)
   1.    REMOVE ALL KNOWN FOOD  ALLERGIES (??milk, eggs, wheat, corn,
          sugar, dyes??)
   2.    ALFALFA: natural  anti-inflammatory; natural anti-histamine
   3.    VITAMIN C: reduces  histamine release; anti-inflammatory
   4.    ZINC: a powerful immune  system booster
   5.    DEFEND & RESIST: a  powerful herbal immune booster.  Use only
          on a rotation basis – 4 days  on/3 days off (use Monday through Thursday
          then stay off for the weekend:  Friday through Sunday)
   6.    GARLIC: helps normalize  & stabilize the immune system
   7.    OSTEOMATRIX: helps reduce  the body stress from allergies
   8.    CAROTOMAX: stimulates  immune response
   9.    VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  necessary for proper immune function
 10.   NUTRIFERON: To support the Immune  System.
    1.  SOY PROTEIN: hemoglobin  is 95% protein 
    2.  B COMPLEX: essential in  red blood cell production 
    3.  IRON: an essential  component of red blood cells 
    4.  VITA C: enhances the  body use of iron 
    5.  OPTIFLORA: increases  mineral absorption 
    1.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  increases blood flow; helps prevent
         blood clotting; increases oxygen  available to all tissue 
    2.  LECITHIN: emulsifies  fat & lowers cholesterol  
    3.  COQHEART:  Energizes heart  muscle and relaxes/dilates  blood
    4.  CHOLESTEROL REGLUATING  COMPLEX:  to reduce cholesterol  
    5.  OSTEOMATRIX: muscle  relaxant 
    6.  GLA OR EPA: improves  circulation; reduces work demand on heart  
    7.  B COMPLEX: helps  prevent clotting; dilates or opens blood
         vessels; regulates heartbeat &  heart elasticity; improves electrical conduction
         in the heart 
    8.  VITA C: helps lower  serum cholesterol; essential for 
         formation & repair of connective tissue 
    9.  GARLIC: dilates small blood vessels prevents  clotting 
    1.  ALFALFA:  anti-inflammatory; high in chlorophyll; helps reduce
         uric acid;  anti-stiffness factor 
    2.  VITAMIN C:  anti-inflammatory; important for strong cartilage;
         anti-stress; assists  mineral absorption 
    3.  JOINT HEALTH  COMPLEX:  glucosamine hydrochloride to repair 
    4.  OSTEOMATRIX: essential  for strong cartilage; anti-stress from
         arthritic pain  
    5.  HERB-LAX: reduces  toxins & inflammation 
    6.  B COMPLEX: helps body  deal with the stress from pain 
    7.  GLA: anti-inflammatory:  reduces joint tenderness, swelling &
    8.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  inhibits formation of free radicals
         which can damage the  joints 
    9.  GARLIC:  anti-inflammatory; inhibits formation of free radicals
         which can damage the  joints 
    10. CAROTOMAX: promotes  healing in the epithelial tissue; free
          radical inhibitor  
    11. ZINC: promotes healing  in connective tissue repair 
ASTHMA:  (remove all known food  allergies & purify the air you breathe
         choose AirSource)
    1.  CAROTOMAX: essential  for tissues repair & immunity 
    2.  GLA: acts like a  natural steroid 
    3.  VITA C:  anti-inflammatory; improves immune system strength;
         natural anti-histamine  effect 
    4.  NUTRIFERON:   (especially for environmental allergies)  
    5.  ZINC: improves healing;  strengthens immune system 
    6.  B COMPLEX: strengthens  the immune system; anti-stress 
    7.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  strengthens the immune system; promotes
    8.  LECITHIN: soothes the  bronchial tubes & lungs 
    9.  GARLIC:  anti-inflammatory, strengthens the immune system 
    1.  WATER: Drink adequate  purified water 
    2.  OPTIFLORA: provides  necessary friendly bacteria
    3.  DEFEND & RESIST:  powerful immune system booster (use for 7 to
         15 days  only) 
    4.  GARLIC: natural  antibiotic 
    5.  VITAMIN C:   anti-bacterial; immune system booster
    1.   VITA C: immune system  booster; natural decongestant; thins mucous 
    2.   GARLIC:  natural antibiotic; anti-infection; anti-viral; natural 
    3.   CAROTOMAX:  protective to lung tissue; healing of all tissue 
    4.    HERB-LAX:  reduces body bacterial count 
    5.    VITAMIN E +  SELENIUM: improved breathing; healing for tissue;
       powerful free radical  scavenger 
    6.  ZINC:  healing for tissues; immune system strengthener 
CANCER:  (purify the air  you breathe  AirSource is  recommended)
    1.  VITA C: increases  production & stimulation of T-killer cells
         which destroy cancer  cells 


    2.  CAROTOMAX: strengthens  immune system; greatly reduces risk of
         epithelial tissue  cancer 
    3.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  powerful free radical scavenger 
    4.  NUTRIFERON: strengthens  the immune system 
    5.  ZINC: strengthens the  thymus gland for a stronger immune
    6.  GARLIC: enhances the  immune system: causes T-killer cells to
         be more active  
    7.  GLA: immune system  strengthener / slows down cellular
    8.  B COMPLEX: increases  speed of the immune system response  
    9.  HERB-LAX: reduces body  toxins 
    10. OPTIFLORA: increases  “friendlyâ€
 bacteria 
    11. COQHEART:  energizes the  healing power in each cell 
    12. LECITHIN: strengthens  neurotransmitters which allows
          communication to the nervous  system 
    13. DTX:  Reduce the  toxin load in the body 
    14. ALFALFA:  blood  purifier and mineral smorgasbord 
    15. EXTRA SOY  PROTEIN:  contains anti-cancer components 
CANDIDA:  (avoid sugar, fruit  juices, alcohol, caffeine, white flour,
 dairy  products.
    1.  GARLIC: destroys  overgrowth of yeast 
    2.  OPTIFLORA: replaces  friendly
    3.  VITA C: strengthens the  immune system 
    4.  B COMPLEX: increases  absorption (candida prevents absorption
         of nutrients)  
    5.  ZINC: strengthens the  immune system 
    6.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  strengthens the immune system 
    7.  CAROTOMAX: strengthens  the immune system 
    8.  NUTRIFERON:  to  strengthen the weakened immune system 
    1.  EXTRA SOY PROTEIN:  essential to provide amino acid L-Lysine  
    2.  B COMPLEX: immune  function & healing 
    3.  OPTIFLORA: provides  friendly
    4.  VITA C: healing, immune  function; anti-bacterial 
    5.  GARLIC: natural  antibiotic 
    6.  ZINC: healing  properties 
    7.  CAROTOMAX: speed  healing 
    1.  ZINC: healing &  connective tissue repair; immune system
    2.  VITA C: antioxidant  properties to prevent tissue damage  
    3.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  powerful free radical scavenger 
    4.  CAROTOMAX: deficiency  has been linked to poor vision &
         cataract formation  
    5.  EXTRA SOY PROTEIN:  important for lens repair 
    6.  B COMPLEX: essential  for intracellular eye metabolism 
    7.  OMEGAGUARD:   tissue membrane health 
    8.  COQHEART: energize  healing 
CHOLESTEROL  (HIGH)  (eat cabbage, oatmeal,  apples, etc. for soluble
    1.  SOLUBLE FIBER (eg. Fiber  Plan, Daily Crunch):  prevents fat
         absorption; reduces  stress on heart by minimizing fat accumulation  
    2.  LECITHIN: converts  serum cholesterol to good  HDL 
    3.  CHOLESTEROL REGULATING  COMPLEX:  to reduce cholesterol  
    4.  COQHEART:  Reduces LDL  oxidation 
    5.  GLUCOSE REGULATING  COMPLEX:  reduce formation of cholesterol  
    6.  ALFALFA: has natural  chelating affect in arteries 
    7.  GARLIC: prevents  clotting; dilates small blood vessels;
         dissolves fatty deposits & thins  blood 
    8.  OPTIFLORA: helps  normalize blood lipids 
    9.  VITAMIN E +  SELENIUM:  natural blood vessel dilator/ reduces
         LDL oxidation 
    10. DTX:  makes a  healthier liver (a dirty liver produces excess
          cholesterol in the bile)  
    11. EXTRA SOY  PROTEIN:  clinically tested to aid in cholesterol
    12. B COMPLEX:   reduces homocysteine level 
    1.  B COMPLEX: releases  energy from food; increases immune cell
    2.  CAROTOMAX: has a  powerful effect on some specific immune
         system functions  
    3.  CoQHEART:  Energizes every  cell 
    4.  NUTRIFERON:  to  strengthen the immune system 
    5.  VITA C: has as powerful  anti-viral effect 
    6.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  greatly enhances the ability of the body
         to produce powerful  antibodies 
    7.  ZINC: dramatically  promotes all types of T-cell (immune
         systems) production &  aggressiveness 
    8.  GARLIC: immune  booster 
    9.  PHYSIQUE:   excellent for muscle tissue recovery  
    10. OMEGAGUARD:   essential for tissue membrane recovery  
    11. CORENERGY (Ginseng/Cordyceps):  strengthen and replenish the 
    12. STRESS RELIEF  COMPLEX:  nourishment for a stressed nervous
COLITIS:  (AVOID the foods  you are allergic to!)
    1.  SOLUBLE FIBER (eg. Daily Crunch): to provide soft bulk & reduce 
         frequent stools 
    2.  OPTIFLORA: to  repopulate the bowel lining with friendly
    3.  CAROTOMAX: provides  healing to the epithelial bowel tissue  
    4.  ZINC: promotes  healing 
    5.  ALFALFA: provides  vitamin K for healing; overcomes mineral
         deficiencies due to frequent  elimination; anti-inflammatory 
    6.  GARLIC:  anti-inflammatory 
    7.  B COMPLEX:  anti-stress 
    8.  OSTEOMATRIX:  anti-stress; helps reduce risk of bowel cancer  
    9.  VITA C: promotes  healing of mucous membranes; strengthens
         immune system  
    10. COQHEART: to enhance healing  energy 
    11. STRESS RELIEF  COMPLEX:  nourishment for a stressed nervous
    1.  OPTIFLORA: to  repopulate the bowel lining with friendly

    2.  SOLUBLE FIBER (eg. Daily Crunch): to provide soft bulk & reduce 
         frequent stools 


    3.  ALFALFA:  anti-inflammatory; high mineral content promotes
         healing; promotes cleansing  of bowel irritants 
    4.  ZINC: promotes  healing 
    5.  B COMPLEX: anti-stress;  increases absorption 
    6.  CAROTOMAX: aids in  controlling infection; promotes healing of
         bowel lining  
    7.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  aids healing 
    1.  B COMPLEX: nourishes  the central nervous system 
    2.  LECITHIN: insulates the  central nervous system; nourishes
         brain cells; essential for nerve  transmission 
    3.  MOODLIFT: stimulates  serotonin production 
    4.  EXTRA SOY PROTEIN :  provides amino acids to increase serotonin
    5.  GINKGO BILOBA (Shaklee  MENTAL ACUITY):  improves
         oxygen/hormone/nutrient availability to the  brain 
    6.  STRESS RELIEF  COMPLEX:  nourishes the central nervous system  
    7.  CORENERGY (Ginseng/Cordyceps):  strengthen & replenish the 
    8.  OPTIFLORA:  reduce  toxin load 
DIABETES:  (increase fiber in  diet to prevent drastic shifts in blood
         sugar levels & avoid white flour  products. 
    1.  GLUCOSE REGULATING  COMPLEX: helps manage blood sugar 
    2.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  helps reduce risk of retinopathy;
         neuropathy, gangrene, & circulatory  problems 
    3.  B COMPLEX: helps reduce  risk of neuropathy; increases glucose
         utilization; strengthens  pancreas 
    4.  ALFALFA: replaces  minerals lost by frequent urination;
         strengthens kidneys  
    5.  ZINC: promotes  healing 
    6.  LECITHIN: reduces risk  of cardiovascular disease; reduces
         neuropathy problems; increases  circulation 
    7.  VITA C: strengthens  pancreas; essential in healing; reduces
         risk of  retinopathy; reduces risk of  cardiovascular disease 
    8.  COQHEART:  energizes the  pancreas 
DIVERTICULITIS:  (soluble fiber  like Daily Crunch is advantageous;
         oatmeal  recommended)
    1.  HERB-LAX: promotes  cleansing of bowel irritants; stool
    2.  ALFALFA: bowel  cleanser; promotes healing 
    3.  OPTIFLORA: repopulate  bowel with friendly
    4.  LECITHIN: lubricates  & heals bowel lining 
    5.  ZINC: promotes  healing 
    6.  B COMPLEX:  anti-stress 
    7.  CAROTOMAX: strengthens  bowel muscles & mucous membranes 
    1.  HERB-LAX: promotes  detoxification 
    2.  ALFALFA: promotes  cleansing of the blood; strengthens the
         elimination ability of kidneys;  contain chlorophyll which aids in skin
    3.  OPTIFLORA:   increase good bacteria levels 
    4.  ZINC: promotes  healing 
    6.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  improves circulation 
    7.  GLA CAPSULES:  for  tissue healing 
    8.  VITA C:  promotes  healing 
    9.  CAROTOMAX:   promotes tissue healing 
    1.  DEFEND & RESIST:  natural antibiotic; powerful immune system
    2.  VITA C: fights viral  infections by increasing blood
         interferons;  reduces length of fever 
    3.  GARLIC: natural  antibiotic; anti-inflammatory; anti-viral,
    4.  OPTIFLORA:   increase good bacteria 
    5.  LECITHIN: coats red  blood cells, thereby providing protection
                         against invasion of virus or  bacteria 
    6.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  protects red blood cell membranes;
         increases circulation  
    7.  NUTRIFERON to boost  immunity.
    1.  If candida is one of  the causes it must be dealt with care see
    2.  Caffeine must be  avoided 
    3.   VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: reduces hormonal  storms 
    4.   GLA:  minimizes fluctuations in hormonal imbalance  
    5.   B COMPLEX: promotes hormonal balance; promotes blood cell 
          productivity; assists in water balance  
    6.   OPTIFLORA:  reduces yeast proliferation  
    7.   VITA  C: important for healing process 
    8.   OSTEOMATRIX: reduces  vascular & muscular tension 
    9.   ZINC: essential for healing  
   10.   CORENERGY: reduces  pain; helps bring balance in hormonal system  
    1.  EXTRA SOY PROTEIN: to  provide essential amino acids for brain
    2.  LECITHIN/GLA: improves  brain circulation 
    3.  B COMPLEX: nourishes  the central nervous system 
    4.  OSTEOMATRIX: important  for proper nerve transmission 
    5.  ZINC: needed for  connective tissue repair 
    6.  ALFALFA: for necessary  mineral balance 
    7.  CAROTOMAX: an important  antioxidant that aids in protecting
         brain function  
    8.  VITA C: vital to  functioning of the adrenal gland 
    9.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  aids circulation & immunity 
    1.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  extremely important for antioxidant
    2.  GLA: minimizes  fluctuations in hormone imbalance 
    3.  DTX:  liver  detoxification 
    4.  B COMPLEX: important in  fluid retention & hormonal regulation  
    5.  APPETITE REDUCTION  SPRAY:  for detoxification 
    6.  CAROTOMAX: necessary  for mucous membranes of the breast
        ductual  system 
    7.  VITA C: strengthens the  adrenal glands, necessary for hormone
         production &  balance 
    8.  CORENERGY: acts as an adaptogen  to bring about hormonal
    9.  OPTIFLORA:   reduces toxin load 
    10. HERB LAX:  reduces  toxin load 


    1.  VITA C:   strengthens the integrity of connective tissue  
    2.  COQHEART   increases cellular energy 
    3.  NUTRIFERON:   strengthens the immune system 
    4.  LECITHIN/GLA: insulates  the fibrous sheath of the nerve
    5.  OSTEOMATRIX: muscle relaxant 
    1.  OPTIFLORA:   increase good bacteria 
    2.  PHYSIQUE: muscle tissue  recovery 
    3.  VITAMIN E +  SELENIUM:  improves oxygenation of cells  
    4.  GINKGO BILOBA (Shaklee  MENTAL ACUITY):  improves blood flow
         throughout the  body 
    5.  GENTLE SLEEP COMPLEX:  relaxes muscles so they can heal;
         encourages body to make more cortisone for  healing 
    1.  OPTIFLORA: supplies  friendly
 bacteria that are deficient
         in fungus in  infections 
    2.  GARLIC:   neutralizes most fungi 
    3.  DEFEND & RESIST: 7  days on/4days off for several cycles to
boost the body´s  immunity 
    4.  VITA C: to boost the  body immunity 
    5.  CAROTOMAX: boosts  body immunity; aids in healing of the
         skin tissue  
    6.  VITAMIN E +  SELENIUM:  to strengthen immune system 
    1.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  increases circulation to the eye;
         powerful free radical  scavenger 
    2.  CAROTOMAX: necessary to  heal & remove pressure from behind the
    3.  GLA: involved in the  regulation of circulation to the eye;
    4.  VITA C: prevents  tearing of capillaries; detoxifies free
         radicals;  anti-inflammatory 
    5.  OPTIFLORA:  reduce  toxin load 
    6.  ALFALFA: mineral  content relaxes arterial muscles;
    7.  HERB-LAX: detoxifies  body tissues 
    8.  DTX:  reduce toxin  load 
    9.  COQHEART:  powerful  antioxidant 
    10. GINKGO BILOBA (Shaklee  MENTAL ACUITY):  increase blood flow to
          the eyes 
    1.  ALFALFA: produces  alkaline reaction in the blood; excellent
         source of  potassium 
    2.  VITA C: lowers serum  uric acid 
    3.  DTX:  reduce toxin  load 
    4.  B COMPLEX: essential  for improved metabolism 
    5.  HERB-LAX:  reduce  toxin load 
    6.  ZINC: critical for  protein metabolism & tissue repair  
    7.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  improves circulation & neutralizes free
HAIR  (Loss of):  (use Shaklee´s  ProSanté hair products)
    1.  B COMPLEX: nourishes  the hair shaft 
    2.  ZINC: critically  important in rapid cell growth 
    3.  ALFALFA: overcome trace  mineral deficiencies 
    4.  LECITHIN: absorptive  aid for all fat soluble nutrients
         essential for health hair  shaft 
    5.  COQHEART:  increase  cellular energy 
    6.  OPTIFLORA:  reduce  toxin load 
    7.  VITA- C:  improve  scalp circulation/antioxidant for hair
    8.  PERFORMANCE:   increase potassium levels 
    9.  GINKGO BILOBA (Shaklee  MENTAL ACUITY):  increases blood flow
         to brain 
HEADACHES   (see headache manual for  specific details on treating the
         5 main types of headaches ….. investigate  hormonal deficiencies ……
         enhance toxin elimination from body)  
    1.  ALFALFA: overcome trace  mineral deficiencies;
         anti-inflammatory especially for sinus  pressure 
    2.  B COMPLEX: brings  balance to hormonal fluctuations 
    4.  OSTEOMATRIX: reduces  vascular tension 
    5.  LECITHIN: absorptive  aid for all fat soluble nutrients 
    6.  VITAMIN E: increases  capillary blood flow 
    1.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  increases capillary blood flow; vassal
         dilator; prevents  clotting 
    2.  LECITHIN: fat  emulsifier; reduces cholesterol  
    3.  COQHEART:  energize heart  muscle 
    4.  CHOLESTEROL REGULATING  COMPLEX:  to regulate cholesterol  
    5.  ALFALFA: high mineral  content promotes natural chelating;
         reduces tissue water retention; provides  potassium & magnesium to relax
         arterial  muscles  
    6.  OSTEOMATRIX: regulates  heart rhythm; relaxes muscle tension  
    7.  GARLIC:  anti-hypertensive; dilates small blood vessels;
         prevents clotting; dissolves  fat deposits and thins blood 
    8.  SOLUBLE FIBER (Daily  Crunch): reduce excessive cholesterol &

    9.  VITA C: maintains  connective tissue integrity; prevents
         tearing of  capillaries 
    10. B COMPLEX:  anti-stress 
HEARTBURN:  (drink  peppermint/ginger tea)
    1.  OPTIFLORA: reduces  reflux reaction 
    2.  OSTEOMATRIX:  neutralizes stomach acid 
    3.  ALFALFA: possess three  classes of enzymes for proteins, fats &
         carbohydrates to overcome  digestive disorders 
    4.  EZ-GEST:   digestive enzymes 
HIGH  BLOOD PRESSURE: (drink adequate water for  kidney health)
    1.  OMEGAGUARD: reduces  work demand on heart; increases HDL;
         improves liver metabolism of fats;  increase flow rate in small blood vessels  
    2.  COQHEART:  regulates  circulatory system 
    3.  GARLIC: dilates small  blood vessels; prevents clotting;
         dissolves fatty deposits & thinks  blood 
    4.  OPTIFLORA:  anti-stress:  detoxifies neuro-toxins for a
         healthier nervous system;  helps normalize blood lipids 
    5.  HERB-LAX: provides from  proper elimination of fats before they
         are reabsorbed  
    6.  LECITHIN: emulsifies  blood fats, improves liver function;
         lower blood pressure  

    7.  ALFALFA: strengthens  the kidneys which make a hormone that
         regulates blood pressure; natural  diuretic 
    8.  OSTEOMATRIX: a  deficiency in calcium has been linked to high
         blood  pressure 
    9.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  improves heart function; vassal dilator 
    2.  B COMPLEX: regulates  the central nervous system 
    3.  EXTRA SOY PROTEIN:  provides essential amino acids for
         appropriate serotonin  production 
    4.  OSTEOMATRIX: natural  tranquilizer, calming effect 
    5.  HERB-LAX: detoxifies  body poisons 
    6.  LECITHIN: insulates  nerve bundles 
    7.  ALFALFA: overcomes  mineral deficiencies 
    8.  GENTLE SLEEP COPMLEX:  herbal calming remedy; promotes deeper
HYPOGLYCEMIA:  (several small meals  throughout the day)
    1.  EXTRA SOY PROTEIN:  regulates blood sugar; strengthens
        glandular functions  
    2.  ALFALFA: helps regulate  glandular functions 
    3.  B COMPLEX: allows  adrenal-pancreas-liver balance of blood
    4.  ZINC: strengthens  glandular functions; hair analyses reveals
         that most hypoglycemics are deficient  
    5.  VITA C: for adrenal  glandular insufficiency 
    6.  CORENERGY (Shaklee Ginseng/Cordeceps):  glandular benefits  
    7.  COQHEART:  energizes  adrenals 
    8.  GLUCOSE REGULATION  COMPLEX: critical for glucose metabolism 


    1.  LECITHIN: assist  neuro-transmitter production in brain  
    2.  OSTEOMATRIX: nature’s  tranquilizers; muscle relaxant 
    4.  GENTLE SLEEP COMPLEX:  restores relaxed state to central
         nervous system  
    5.  VITAMIN C: deals with  stress response-calms nerves 
    6.  OPTIFLORA: displaces  many neuro-toxins 
    1.  GINKGO BILOBA (Shaklee  MENTAL ACUITY):  improves blood flow  
    2.  OSTEOMATRIX: provides  proper building blocks for bones 
    3.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  improves limb circulation by increasing
         capillary blood  flow 
    4.  OPTIFLORA: reduces  nutrient malabsorption 
    5.  ALFALFA: overcomes  trace mineral deficiency 
    1.  DTX:  detoxify the  liver 
    2.  HERB-LAX: detoxifies  & prevents accumulation of metabolic
         waster products  
    3.  SOLUBLE FIBER (eg. Daily Crunch): helps remove the toxic load
         on the liver 
    4.  LECITHIN: prevents fat  build-up or fatty liver 
    5.  APPETITE REDUCTION  SPRAY:  to detoxify 
    6.  OPTIFLORA: detoxifies  many chemicals 
    7.  VITA C: neutralizes  toxic substances & boosts immune system  
    8.  ALFALFA: detoxifies  liver by stimulating bile flow 
    9.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  prevents oxidized fat accumulation &
          free radical  damage 
    10. CAROTOMAX: anti-oxidant  effect on free radicals 
    11. GARLIC: speeds liver  healing; detoxifier 
    1.  GLA: naturel steroid   VERY IMPORTANT FOR LUPUS 
    2.  VITA C: antioxidant;  also anti-inflammatory 
    3.  B COMPLEX: strengthens  glandular functions; reduces
         malabsorption; nourishes nervous  system 
    4.  ALFALFA:  anti-inflammatory; strengthens kidneys (alfalfa leaf
         powder tablets; NOT  SPROUTS) 
    5.  OPTIFLORA:  for  the immune system 
    6.  ZINC: protects skin  & organs; promotes healing 
    7.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  helps the body use oxygen more
         efficiently; promotes  healing 
    8.  CAROTOMAX: powerful  antioxidant 
    9.  GARLIC: immune system  enhancer; protects enzyme systems 
EXTRA SOY PROTEIN:  large amounts of essential  amino  acids 
    1.  B COMPLEX: makes a  healthy nervous system; nourishes
    2.  ST.  JOHN’S WORT  (Shaklee MoodLift):  enhance serotonin 
    4.  ZINC: protects brain  cells 
    5.  LECITHIN: insulates  nerve bundles; improves brain circulation  
    6.  ALFALFA: mineral  imbalance can cause depression 
    7.  GLA: important for  improved cerebral circulation 
    8.  VITA C: a powerful  immunostimulant  
    9.  COQHEART:   energize each  cell 
    1.  MENOPAUSE REGULATION  COMPLEX:  for hormonal stability; reduces
         hot  flashes 
    2.  EXTRA SOY  PROTEIN:  helps balance hormones  
    3.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  prevents hormonal storms 
    4.  GLA: helps balance  hormones 
    5.  VITA C: promotes  glandular health; assists mineral absorption  
    6.  B-COMPLEX: minimizes  water retention, hot flashes & nervous
         disorders; anti-stress; increases  glandular health 
    7.  OSTEOMATRIX: maintain  bone integrity 
    9.  CAROTOMAX: promotes  healthy mucous membranes in the vaginal
         area; anti-oxidant 
    1.  B COMPLEX: reduces  stress; helps regain hormonal imbalance;
         reduces water  retention 
    2.  GLA: regains hormonal  imbalance by minimizing fluctuations due
         to nutrient  deficiency 
    3.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  prevents hormonal storms 
    4.  EXTRA SOY  PROTEIN:  manufactures hormones  
    5.  ALFALFA: reduces tissue  water retention 
    6.  OSTEOMATRIX: reduces  cramping by providing for proper muscle


    1.  LECITHIN: improves  brain circulation; nourishes brain cells  
    2.  B COMPLEX: nourishes  neuro-transmitters 
    3.  GINKGO BILOBA (Shaklee  MENTAL ACUTIY):  improves
         oxygen/hormones/nutrient availability to the  brain 
    4.  HERBAL LAXATIVE:  detoxifies body toxins 
    5.  DTX:  reduce toxin  load 
    6.  OPTIFLORA:  reduce  toxin load 
    7.  COQHEART:  energize every  cell 
    8.  ALFALFA:  mineral  smorgasbord 
    9.  APPETITE REDUCTION  SPRAY:  to detoxify 
  10.   CORENERGY (Ginseng/Cordeceps):  Increase oxygen availability to 
  11.   MEMORY OPTOMIZER: Improves memory retention
    1.  B COMPLEX: makes a  healthy nervous system; nourishes
    2.  LECITHIN/GLA CAPSULES:  insulates nerve bundles; improves brain
    3.  STRESS RELIEF COMPLEX:  detoxifies many neuro-toxins 
    4.  OSTEOMATRIX: natural  calmer 
    5.  OPTIFLORA:  reduce  toxin load 
    6.  EXTRA SOY  PROTEIN:  additional amino acids for repair 
OSTEOPOROSIS:  (make sure  progesterone levels are optimal & do
         weight-bearing  exercise)
    1.  OSTEOMATRIX: necessary  for bone integrity 
    2.  EXTRA SOY PROTEIN:  bones are 65% protein 
    3.  VITA C: necessary to  build adequate connective tissue; assists
         mineral  absorption 
    4.  OPTIFLORA: increases  availability of many trace nutrients  
    5.  ALFALFA:  mineral  smorgasbord 
    6.  EZ-GEST: to enhance  absorption of nutrients 
    1.  GLA: regains hormonal  imbalance by minimizing fluctuations due
         to nutrient  deficiency 
    2.  B COMPLEX: helps regain  hormonal imbalance; reduces stress;
         reduces water  retention 
    3.  PERFORMANCE: helps  regulate electrolytes 
    4.  ALFALFA: reduce trace  mineral deficiencies; reduces water

    5.  LECITHIN: insulates  nerve bundles 
    6.  VITA C: increase  glandular health 
    7.  OSTEOMATRIX: reduces  cramps; reduces insomnia 
PROSTRATE  TROUBLE:  (avoid alcohol and  caffeine)
    1.  SAW PALMETTO: herbal  remedy which reduces prostate
    2.  ZINC: promotes healthy  prostate 
    3.  EXTRA SOY  PROTEIN:  reduces DHT formation  
    4.  VITA C:  anti-inflammatory; strengthens gland  
    5.  CAROTOMAX:  anti-inflammatory; anti-oxidant effect on free
    6.  ALFALFA:  anti-inflammatory; increases kidney filtration rate  
    7.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  reduces degeneration 
    8.  LECITHIN/GLA CAPSULES:  for prostate cellular protection 
    9.  B COMPLEX: anti-cancer  properties 
    10. OSTEOMATRIX: reduces  vascular tension 
    11. OPTIFLORA:  reduce  toxin load 
    12. DTX:  reduce toxin  load 
PSORIASIS:  (drink adequate  water for proper detoxification of skin,
         bowels &  kidneys)
    1.  ALFALFA: blood purifier  & cleanser; strengthens & cleanses
    2.  GLA: IMPORTANT for all  skin disorders 
    3.  HERB-LAX: detoxifies  toxins from the body 
    4.  DTX:  reduce toxin  load 
    5.  STRESS RELIEF  COMPLEX:  to relieve stress related root causes  
    6.  CAROTOMAX: reduces  effects of UV light from the sun; nourishes
         epithelium skin  tissue 
    7.  VITA C: speeds tissue  healing; detoxifies sensitizing
         substances; boosts immune  system 
    8.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  promotes healing of skin; increases
    9.  APPETITE REDUCTION  SPRAY:  to reduce toxins 
    10. ZINC: needed for  connective tissue repair in scar tissue  
    11. B COMPLEX: improved  nutrient absorption 
    12. OPTIFLORA: detoxifies  many chemicals 
    13. GARLIC: detoxification;  increases capillary circulation;
          speeds tissue healing 
    1.  VITAMIN C: immune  support; speeds up healing 
    2.  B COMPLEX: provides  nutrients needed for healing the nerve
    3.  ZINC: needed for  healing of connective tissue 
    4.  NUTRIFERON  
    5.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  immune support; speeds up healing 
    6.  CAROTOMAX: immune  support; heals epithelial tissue 
    7.  COQHEART:  increases  healing energy 
    8.  OPTIFLORA:   strengthens immune system;  reduce toxin load  
    9.  GARLIC:  for the  immune system 
    10. DTX:  reduce toxin  load 
SINUSITIS:  (purify the air  you breathe … AirSource is  recommended)
    1.  VITA C:  anti-inflammatory; thins mucous; decongestant; reduces
         histamine  release 
    2.  ALFALFA: reduces the  effect of inflammatory endorphins;
         natural anti-histamine  
    3.  GARLIC: reduces  inflammation; natural sinus & nasal
    4.  OPTIFLORA:  build  the immune system 
    5.  NUTRIFERON:  to  strengthen the immune system 
    6.  CAROTOMAX: promotes  healing of mucous membranes after
    7.  ZINC:  promotes  healing of mucous lining 
    1.  STRESS RECOVERY  COMPLEX:  works in 20 to 30 minutes 
    2.  B COMPLEX: nourishes  the central nervous system; builds the
         adrenal glands  
    3.  VITA C: boosts body  energy; calms nerves as a result of a
         stress response, builds adrenal  glands 
    4.  OSTEOMATRIX: calcium  needs increase 5x under stress 


    5.  GARLIC:   anti-stress food 
    6.  LECITHIN: nerve bundle  insulator; relaxes nervous system;
         increase brain  function 
    7.  ALFALFA: provides for  additional trace mineral needs due to
    8.  CAROTOMAX: increased  immune protection 
    9.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  increased immune protection; for a
         healthy heart  
    10. GENTLE SLEEP COMPLEX:  encourages better sleep patterns; body
          makes more cortisone during  sleep 
    11. EXTRA SOY  PROTEIN:  protein levels increase when stressed 


    1.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  prevents clot formation; increases
         capillary blood flow; vassal  dilator 
    2.  LECITHIN: emulsifies  fat; reduces cholesterol  
    3.  GARLIC: prevents clot  formation; thins blood; dissolves fatty
         deposits; dilates small blood  vessels 
    4.  COQHEART:  reduces  blood clotting, relaxes blood vessel walls  
    6.  HERB-LAX: provides for  adequate elimination of fats in waste  
    7.  MENTAL ACUITY:   increase blood flow 
    8.  OSTEOMATRIX:   relaxes blood vessel walls 
    9.  SOLUBLE FIBER (eg. Daily Crunch): absorbs blood fats & takes
         away  in waste 
THYROID:  Hypothyroidism   
    1.  ALFALFA: good source of  balanced iodine 
    2.  LECITHIN: essential for  thyroid hormone production 
    3.  EXTRA SOY PROTEIN:  essential for the formation of hormones;
         builds glandular  strength 
    4.  VITA C: essential for  glandular health; speeds tissue healing
         & connective tissue  integrity 
    5.  APPETITE REDUCITON  SPRAY:  helps detoxify 
    6.  ZINC: essential for  glandular health 
    7.  B COMPLEX: essential  for glandular health 
    8.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  powerful free radical scavenger 
    9.  CORENERGY (Ginseng/Cordeceps):  for energy  
    10. COQHEART:  energize every  cell 
    11. OPTIFLORA:  for  immune health 
THYROID:  Hyperthyroidism
    1.  EXTRA SOY PROTEIN:  essential for hormonal balance 
    2.  B COMLEX: essential to  nourish the hypothalamus gland 
    3.  VITA C: reduces  degeneration of cellular tissue in gland  
    4.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  powerful free radical scavenger 
         reduces degeneration of cellular  tissue 
    5.  GARLIC: anti-oxidant  for immune support; anti-inflammatory  
    6.  CAROTOMAX: immune  support 
    7.  GLA: anti-inflammatory;  immune support, aids hormone imbalance  
    8.  OPTIFLORA:  for  immune health 
    1.  CAROTOMAX: needed for  healing; protects the mucous membranes
         of the stomach &  intestine 
    2.  ZINC: needed for  healing 
    3.  ALFALFA: heals damaged  mucous forming cells in stomach 
    4.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  aids in reducing stomach acid 
    5.  B COMPLEX: reduces the  effects of stress; increases nutrient
    6.  GARLIC: reduces the  effects of stress; speeds tissue healing  
    7.  OPTIFLORA: detoxifies  many neuro-toxins to reduce anxiety  
    8.  STRESS RECOVERY  COMPLEX:  many ulcers are due to stress 
    1.  HERB-LAX: reduces back  pressure in the portals of the
         circulatory system  
    2.  VITAMIN E + SELENIUM:  improves the efficiency of heart muscle;
         vassal dilator  
    3.  DTX:  detoxify the  liver to reduce pressure in arteries  Team 
    4.  GARLIC: dilates blood  vessels; increases circulation 
    5.  VITAMIN C: increases  capillary strength; reduces blood
         clotting; promotes healing; prevents  bruising 
    6.  B COMPLEX: increases  nutrient metabolism 
    7.  GINKGO BILOBA (Shaklee  Mental Acuity):  increases blood flow  
COQHEART:  relaxes blood  vessel walls  

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La vie et tout ce qui est matière vivante est remplie d’énergie.

8 Avril 2021 , Rédigé par Gilles Morand

La vie et tout ce qui est matière vivante est remplie d’énergie.

La vie et tout ce qui est matière vivante est remplie d’énergie.

La vie et tout ce qui est matière vivante (minéral, végétal et animal) est remplie d’énergie. L’Homme est matière vivante fragile, et ce que nous faisons parfois subir à notre corps peut conduire au déséquilibre énergétique. Le corps finit par s’en remettre, mais pas toujours selon l’ordre énergétique de départ. C’est pourquoi le fait d’être centré, d’avoir les deux pieds sur terre, amorce un équilibre nerveux plus adéquat. 

La vie moderne moule l’être humain dans des habitudes fixes qui le tiennent à distance de l’essence même de la vie et se prendre en main requiert avant tout le désir profond de changer quelque chose dans son existence. La découverte de notre moi-intérieur est la chose la plus naturelle qui soit et nous y sommes tous confrontés un jour ou l’autre... La conscience du corps, de nos émotions, de tout ce qui est notre identité propre, est en chacun de nous. La compréhension de notre moi-intérieur procure des bienfaits récupérateurs pour l’unité globale Corps-Émotion-Mental. Afin de nous faire évoluer, grandir naturellement. La conscience sociale nous a enlevés et éloignés de notre véritable Moi et il est important de trouver un équilibre énergétiquement apprivoisé, afin de démystifier le rôle que la vie nous donne. Choisissons donc de vivre l’équilibre de l’énergie vitale, qui est en chacun de nous et dans tout ce qui vit. 

Pour l’Homme, il n’y a pas de bonne ou de mauvaise énergie. Il n’y a que de l’énergie bien ou mal dirigée. L’énergie est intelligente et son but est de maintenir et de régénérer la vie. Quand l’énergie circule bien et que rien ne vient entraver son flot, tout va bien. Mais si elle est ralentie ou bloquée, il y a un problème, d’où naissance de malaises, de sensations désagréables qui peuvent même, à la longue, provoquer la maladie. 

L’éveil vers une aventure d’exploration du Soi est le résultat positif du déclenchement de la volonté de «se connaître soi-même», pour un équilibre énergétique permanent. Vous êtes au bas de l'échelle de votre destinée, de votre intériorité. Expérimentez ce que la vie a de meilleur et gardez contact avec ce que vous êtes... Évoluer, c'est utiliser toute notre énergie à être en harmonie avec la vie, avec la nature sous toutes ses formes. 

Sans cette philosophie, l'espèce humaine s'engouffre et va à sa perte. Nous n'avons qu'à jeter un coup d'oeil à notre situation écologique planétaire (l'effet de serre etc. )... Il ne faut jamais oublier que depuis l'apparition de la vie sur terre, l'homme est celui qui de tout temps a su le mieux se sortir du fléau de la destruction et de la décadence. Il sait qu'il doit survivre et améliorer ses gestes avant que le tollé total ne s'installe. L'Homme se doit, sans contredit, d'être «humain» avant tout, et d'évoluer par surcroît. 

C'est difficile d'évoluer de façon naturelle! Il faut changer ses moins bonnes habitudes. Certes, la volonté de réussir à grimper les barreaux de l'échelle évolutive un à un nous pousse à travailler afin d'acquérir de meilleures habitudes nécessaires à notre bonheur. C'est une aventure personnelle mais pourtant inévitable pour notre bien-être et celui de la terre. Voyez-vous, peu importe qui nous sommes, chacun d'entre nous a la charge de sa vie et les moyens d'avancer. L'énergie apprivoisée, que ce soit à travers n'importe quelle technique d'exploration de soi fait fi de la race, de la couleur. Elle n'a aucune croyance religieuse particulière.  Il a été dit : «Connais-toi toi- même». Voilà la clé de la réussite de notre passage à l'examen de la vie : renforcer son Moi, sa confiance et conscience humaniste. Notre Soi Supérieur…

Chacun doit trouver à l’intérieur de lui-même le courage d’ouvrir les yeux et de regarder au-delà de ses peurs, réagissant par ses faits et gestes à la pure foi ou croyance établie. Si un Einstein pouvait entrevoir un monde que personne ne soupçonnait avant lui, peut-être que d’autres mondes secrets attendent quelqu’un comme vous, d’assez humble,  pour le transmettre à l’humanité. Vous ferez donc une oeuvre sociale utile. Le meilleur s'en vient ! «Tout va s'arranger», tel est le message d'en haut ! Du monde spirituel ! Que j´ai reçu…
De toute évidence, il faut garder la tête au-dessus des nuages, histoire d’avoir une meilleure vue d’ensemble (comme l’aigle symbole de l’évolution) et les pieds enracinés dans la terre (comme l’arbre symbole de la vie).  Comme l´a si bien exprimé le Dr. Timothy Leary : Think For Yourself!

Toutes les techniques énergétiques afin de découvrir votre être intérieur et votre volonté d'avancer, sont là pour faire de vous une personne saine et équilibrée sur tous les plans. Je vous souhaite de reconnaître cette énergie apprivoisée car la vie est une aventure merveilleuse... 

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Life and all living matter is filled with energy.

8 Avril 2021 , Rédigé par Gilles Morand

Life and all living matter is filled with energy.

Life and all living matter is filled with energy.

Life and all living matter (mineral, vegetable and animal) is filled with energy. Man is fragile living matter, and what we sometimes do to our body can lead to energy imbalance. The body eventually recovers, but not always according to the original energy order. This is why being centered, having both feet on the ground, initiates a more adequate nervous balance. 

Modern life moulds human beings into fixed habits that keep them at a distance from the very essence of life, and taking charge of one's life requires, above all, a deep desire to change something in one's existence. The discovery of our inner self is the most natural thing in the world and we are all confronted with it one day or another... The consciousness of our body, of our emotions, of all that is our own identity, is in each of us. The understanding of our inner-self provides recuperative benefits for the global unity Body-Emotion-Mind. In order for us to evolve, to grow naturally. Social consciousness has taken us away from our true Self and it is important to find an energetic balance in order to demystify the role that life gives us. Let's choose to live the balance of the vital energy, which is in each of us and in all that lives. 

For Man, there is no good or bad energy. There is only well or badly directed energy. Energy is intelligent and its purpose is to maintain and regenerate life. When energy is flowing well and nothing is in the way, all is well. But if it is slowed down or blocked, there is a problem, hence the birth of discomfort, of unpleasant sensations which can even, in the long run, cause illness. 

The awakening to an adventure of exploration of the Self is the positive result of the triggering of the will to "know oneself", for a permanent energy balance. You are at the bottom of the ladder of your destiny, of your interiority. Experience the best of life and stay in touch with who you are... To evolve is to use all our energy to be in harmony with life, with nature in all its forms. 

Without this philosophy, the human species is rushing and going to its loss. We only have to take a look at our planetary ecological situation (the greenhouse effect etc.)... We must never forget that since the appearance of life on earth, man is the one who has always known how to get out of the scourge of destruction and decadence. He knows that he must survive and improve his actions before the total uproar sets in. Man must, without question, be "human" first and foremost, and evolve in addition. 

It is difficult to evolve in a natural way! One must change one's less good habits. Certainly, the will to succeed in climbing the rungs of the evolutionary ladder one by one pushes us to work in order to acquire better habits necessary to our happiness. It is a personal but inevitable adventure for our well-being and that of the earth. You see, no matter who we are, each of us is in charge of our lives and has the means to move forward. Tamed energy, whether it be through any technique of self-exploration, ignores race, color. It has no particular religious beliefs.  It has been said: "Know thyself". This is the key to our successful passage through life's exams: strengthening our Self, our confidence and humanistic awareness. Our Higher Self...

Everyone must find within himself the courage to open his eyes and look beyond his fears, reacting with his actions to pure faith or established beliefs. If an Einstein could glimpse a world that no one suspected before him, perhaps other secret worlds are waiting for someone like you, humble enough, to pass it on to humanity. You will thus do a useful social work. The best is coming! "Everything will work out", that is the message from above! From the spiritual world! That I received...
Obviously, we have to keep our head above the clouds, in order to have a better overview (like the eagle symbol of evolution) and our feet rooted in the earth (like the tree symbol of life).  As Dr. Timothy Leary so well put it: Think For Yourself!

All the energetic techniques to discover your inner self and your will to move forward, are there to make you a healthy and balanced person on all levels. I wish you to recognize this tamed energy because life is a wonderful adventure...

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