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The Future of Humanity

31 Octobre 2016 , Rédigé par Gilles Morand Publié dans #Conscience plus, #MASSAGE, #massage nu tantra sexe sacre ascension, #massageplus, #mayas incas, #misere ecologie argent politiue gouvernement, #Canada-USA-Mexico-China-Malaysia-Taiwan-Indonesy-Japan and in 2014: India JOIN US!, #mer-ka-ba corps de lumiere ascension meditation, #ascension 2012-2017 benz gaia, #maya inca azteque, #coeur ascension ascension101 melchizedeck drunvalo ariane autel lumiere elevation vibration canal blanc, #coeur energie compassion connexion paix calme coherence cardiaque, #coherence cardiaque coeur compassion eveil evolution heart energie du coeur heart energy, #eveil 2012-2017, #coeur coherence cardiaque amour global, #lumiere ascension amour amour, #energy healing guerison mains, #affaires

The Future of Humanity


Assuming that the universe is filled with hundreds or even thousands of inhabited planets - all with different and intelligent life forms - we can then hope to contact these life forms in order to communicate and live together in love and universal peace? Yes! However, too many people are afraid of such visitors from space, as they are already aware of our destiny. If we take care of the environment, in due time, these extraterrestrial species will ensure our survival; only then will intervene at our request - because they require us to show them that we care for our earth.


We, as a society, will take a huge step forward and perhaps even save the planet - if time allows us to do so and depending of course on the state of our planet. We may even access outer space. This will prove that life on earth has earned human respect and can therefore be perpetuated. If we take increasingly ecological actions and secure them for our health and the environment, then our closest neighbor will benefit. Do not forget that we just might suffocate in our own human folly.


Does this mean that if the planet continues to deteriorate due to stupidity of the man, will the only solution be to gather all the scientific knowledge? Does this mean that therefore, only astronauts and wealthier people are qualified to colonize space? These are not the specific words in the air. These space colonies will perhaps emerge faster than we had planned. I believe that living in space is the only inevitable solution for the survival of the human species.

 We know that a star, like our sun, has a service life of at least five billion years. Our solar star, the earth, survived for about four and a half billion years. That leaves five hundred thousand years before it becomes a red giant and super nova. In other words, our planet will in fact explode, resulting from its race against time. There is no doubt that before this happens; a planet that is closer to the sun, younger and likely to produce life will first be discovered, ensuring the survival of the human species.  


Humanity is doomed to leave its current nest. Which generation is bound to experience this fabulous adventure? Maybe in a hundred years, but time is our best asset for now. The balance between man and his natural environment should be sought at all costs. Everyone must do their part to improve the environment. Humans, because of their consumption of toxic household products, small and medium enterprises and multinationals businesses, due to their enormous amount of pollution, must act immediately in order to keep our environment healthy. We must take charge of hazardous waste, recycling, and all other related issues! Only 17% of household waste is recycled. Consider the preservation of the environment and we will see the result: human survival and long-term planetary for generations to come. Let's be careful with the choices that are currently available to us! Nature, Gaia and science have always given good advice to those who can hear them - use this advice wisely. Operate as humanely as possible, while respecting life for what it really is: fragile and intelligent. Use ecological household products that are biodegradable. Clean up a sector of wooded land to facilitate the transitional age of 2012-2017 which will last about three months. The new planetary vibrations will settle in and the outcry will flow towards the cities. Certain religions, ignorant and gullible concerning the Apocalypse, believe that what is currently happening is the end of the world. In fact, this is the end of the world - however, it is also the birth of a new one. This is what many authors call the ‘transition of ages’ - or the announcement of thousands of more years of peace on earth. Hurry up! Open your heart! www.heartmath.org 


Our role towards our good old’ planet earth is to ensure universal harmony. Never forget to keep our planet healthy. The human being (man, woman, child) are all affected by the environmental and technological changes. Respect nature! Furthermore, in this modern and decisive time for human and spiritual evolution, the earth will store all information. We are all born from Gaia - our Mother Earth. There remains only fifty years for humans, according to environmentalists, to initiate the necessary worldly turn of action. Otherwise, it's simply the end of the human race. This would sum up to a lack of drinking water and food at the global level. The colonization of space is the only intelligent solution to our survival. What happens to the Kyoto agreement and protocol abatement of greenhouse gases?

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