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Life and everything that is living matter

31 Octobre 2016 , Rédigé par Gilles Morand Publié dans #Conscience plus, #MASSAGE, #massage nu tantra sexe sacre ascension, #mayas incas, #misere ecologie argent politiue gouvernement, #ascension 2012-2017 benz gaia, #eveil 2012-2017, #coherence cardiaque coeur compassion eveil evolution heart energie du coeur heart energy, #coeur energie compassion connexion paix calme coherence cardiaque, #coeur ascension ascension101 melchizedeck drunvalo ariane autel lumiere elevation vibration canal blanc, #lumiere ascension amour amour, #coeur coherence cardiaque amour global, #energy healing guerison mains, #ecologie pollution, #environnement, #loi attraction attractitude evolution maitrise argent amour poids sante emotions, #polarite massage massotherapie site web annonce publicite

Life and everything that is living matter

Life and everything that is living matter (mineral, vegetable and animal) is filled with energy. Man is fragile living matter, and what we do sometimes to our body can lead to an energy imbalance. The body eventually recovers, but not always according to the original energetic  order. This is why being centered, to have both feet on the ground, begins a more adequately balanced nervous system.

Therefore, modern life molds humans into fixed habits that keeps them distant from the essence of life  and to take control requires above all the profound desire to change something in one's life. Discover our interior  is the most natural thing there is and we are all faced at one time or another.. .to the consciousness of our body, emotions, everything that is our own identity, is in all of us. Understanding our interior self recovery provides benefits to the overall unity Body-Mind-Emotion. In order for us to evolve, grow naturally. Social consciousness has taken us from and away from our true self and it is important to find a controlled  balanced energy, to demystify the role that life gives us. Therefore,let us choose to live the balance of universal energy that is within each of us and all that lives.

In humans, there is no good or bad energy. Only good energy or poorly directed.  Energy is intelligent and its purpose is to maintain and regenerate life. When energy is flowing and that nothing impede its flow, all is good. But if it is slowed down or blocked, there is a problem, resulting in the start of discomfort, unpleasant sensations, which may even, in the long run, cause the disease.

Awakening towards a  self exploration adventure is the positive result of the outbreak of the will to "know yourself" for a permanent energy balance. You are at the bottom of the ladder of your destiny, of your interiority. Experience  life's best and keep in touch with who you are ... to evolve is using all our energy to be in harmony with life, with nature in all its forms.

Without this philosophy, the human race rushes and goes to ruin. We need only take a look at our planetary ecological situation (the greenhouse effect etc.) ... Never forget that since the appearance of life on earth, man is the one who always knew best to get  out of the curse of destruction and decay. He knows he has to survive and improve their actions before the full uproar sets in. Man must unquestionably be "human" foremost and evolve besides.

It's hard to evolve naturally! We must change our bad habits. Sure, the will to succeed to climb the rungs of the evolutionary ladder one by one pushes us to work in order to acquire better habits necessary for our happiness. It is a personal adventure but yet inevitable for our well-being and that of the earth. You see, no matter who we are, each of us is responsible for his life and the means to move forward. Energy tamed, whether through any technique of self-exploration ignores race and color. It has no particular religious belief or preconceived ideas about everything that encompasses the human race. It has been said: "Know thyself." That's the key to our successful transition to the review of life: to strengthen our ego, our confidence and humanistic consciousness.

The tamed energy is the energetic balance (body-mind-emotion) in harmony ... All energetic techniques used  to discover your inner being and will to move forward,or are there to make you a healthy and balanced person in all respects. I want you to recognize this tamed energy for life is a wonderful adventure ...

Be aware that any scientific discovery (Space Telescope, agricultural satellite, GPS, laser, etc ...) that enables a new way of seeing nature, or whatever else needs to be harmonized with the old concepts seem outdated for better balance. The ultimate science is Nature and Science is the ultimate Cosmic Intelligence ...

Obviously, keep the head above the clouds, to have a better overview of history (like the eagle symbol of evolution) and feet rooted in the ground (like the tree symbol Life) given to us. The twentieth century, with all its wonders is far from having invented everything and explained them. Everyone must find within himself the courage to open your eyes and look beyond their fears, reacting by these actions to the pure faith or established belief. If Einstein could glimpse into a world that no one suspected before him before, maybe other secret worlds await someone like you, humble enough to transmit them  to mankind.  You will do a useful social act. The best is coming! "Everything will work out," this is the  message from above! The spiritual world!

Have you ever wanted to saw the bars and destroy the walls of your mesmerizing cultural prison imposed by society ? Have you had the desire to leave the wonderful secret within yourself - Serpent of Wisdom - bring your awareness to the confines of space and time?

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